Terms & Conditions

  1. Agrictools is B2B e-commerce Company which is a one stop solution for retailers to buy highest quality farm machinery spares and machines.
  1. Agrictools will be asking for a mobile number from the retailer to login into the app. Once logged in, the retailer needs to provide, GST number, email address and postal address with pin code to see the dealer prices (DP). This information will be stored and  checked by Agrictools for validating the account.
  1. Prices are dynamic and can be changed without prior notification.
  1. Retailers can change their KYC and other details by clicking on “my profile” section on the app.  
  1. Agrictools  will be sending emails,  whatsapp and text messages for notifications on orders, offers and other updates, if you have agreed to the same while registering with Agrictools.
  1. Retailers will be getting emails,sms and whatsapp on placing an order and tracking details when the order has been dispatched
  1.  Upon  successfully receiving  an order, Agrictools will fulfill  the order through its logistics partners. The  indicative time of delivery mentioned during the order placement stage is a good estimate and is subject to actual weather and road conditions.
  1. Some of the parts will have material specification and compatibility assurance with other brands and makes
  1. Product compatibility may vary as the manufacturer changes the product or specification without prior notice.
  1. Every shipment will have weight slips and list of parts which are shipped so if a retailer claims material is missing it will not be entertained
  1. Retailers can register their complaints if any, within 24 hours upon receipt of materials by calling our customer support number or by email
  1. To register a complaint,  retailers need to share a video showing the products relevant to the subject along with the packing materials to authenticate that the products are from Agrictools. However, the needful resolution of the complaint would be at the discretion of Agrictools subject to needful verification of the subject under the complaint.


  1. Only verified manufacturers by Agrictools will be able to sell through the platform
  2. Seller needs to provide quality reports for the products they are manufacturing and also the compatibility of spares, as applicable
  3. Sellers can login to add products, prices ,brands,compatibility details,description and other related details of the product
  4. Sellers can change prices, description and pictures of the products, subject to standards & conditions set by Agrictools
  5. Agrictools will verify  every first time entry  and all subsequent changes by  the seller, before publishing the same for the customers
  6. Sellers may request  Agrictools to upload their catalogs
  7. Sellers will be receiving sms and email notifications for fulfillment of orders generated on our platform
  8. Once seller approves the order, they need to ship  the order within 48 hrs
  9. Orders must be shipped  to Agrictools fulfillment centers / delivery centers as agreed upon during the stage of vendor onboarding.
  10. 100 percent of the payment will be cleared once the GRN is generated and by Agrictools