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Largest Assortment Of Spare Parts

We have the largest assortment of spare parts across the Industry at one place.
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With agrictools, you can now increase your business and revenues. We provide spares of all machines and across all categories. Now never say no to your customer.
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Access to large network of vendors

Agrictools hosts the most extensive and robust network of vendors across the agri sector in India. We partner with verified OEM and OES to provide quality spares at the fastest turnaround time.

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Worried about stocking up on inventories? Worry no more!!
With one-click fast delivery, Agrictools, delivers the product as soon as the order is placed.
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Agrictools has a robust network with manufacturers. We provide spares directly from Manufacturers at the lowest and best cost for agri tools and agri machinery spare parts.
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Doorstep Delivery

Are you tired of following up on orders post-sale? Agrictools brings you the fastest delivery with a digitized platform.

From manual methods to mechanized methods, Agrictools delivers!

Compatible Spares

Agrictools provides Compatible Spares for Machines, which makes it easier for you to fulfill orders in zero turnaround time. No more buying sub-standard parts for new machinery and equipment. Spares are now readily available and compatible with your existing machines.

Pay Later

Low cash balances stopping you from making purchases? What if you can purchase now and pay later? You don’t need to borrow from others, either.

With Agrictools, Buy Now Pay Later is the new way of doing business digitally.
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