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Key Benefits of BNPL with Agrictools

Zero Interest

Improve Your Purchasing Power

One Step KYC

Credit Upto Rs. 5 Lac

No Paper Work Required


Q. What is the credit limit on Pay Later?
A. Pay Later offers you a maximum credit limit of upto Rs.5 lacs based on your credit history.

Q. Can my credit limit increase or be decreased basis request?
A. The credit limit is fixed basis the past credit history of the customer as per the CIBIL scores given by the credit bureau. This limit cannot be increased or decreased immediately. However, the credit may be increased under the following scenarios:

  • Re-apply with improved credit ratings for Pay Later within 90 days time period.
  • Use Pay Later with the current credit limit and keep repaying the amount in the appropriate time duration.

Q. Do I need to complete KYC for availing Pay Later? Is my KYC account shared with any partner?
A. Since it is important to verify whether a new account created is legal and legitimate or not, you are required to fulfill the KYC requirements. With a completed KYC you will help us enable auto-sanction of credit limits based on your credit history and CIBIL scores.

Q. Are all products eligible for Pay Later?
A. Yes, all items available under Agrictools is available for Pay Later. Please read the terms and conditions as applicable.

Q. Is a downpayment required to buy products using Pay Later?
A. No, there is no need for a down payment. Pay Later can be activated FREE of cost by signing up.

Q. Is a cancellation/ return eligible for a product after an order placing via Pay Later
A. Yes, you can cancel or return the product within seven days of purchase. Pay Later credit will be restored, and any pending dues will be cleared against the corresponding order.

Q. How do I make the repayments?
A. To be able to pay the due amount, please visit the BNPL dashboard by logging on to your agrictools app.

Q. Whom do I contact for any issues with BNPL?
A. You can reach out to us at

Q. Will I be able to purchase products more than the given limit?
A. Yes, you can buy products more than the given limit on Pay Later. However, you will have to pay the remaining amount upfront.

Q. What if I cannot repay the loan?
A. If you fail to pay back the dues within the stipulated timeline, a daily interest would be charged on your balance amount. If the payment is further delayed for an additional period of 5 days beyond the due repayment date, the customer may be held liable for legal action.

In case you face any technical difficulties in your credit repayment, you can contact our customer support team.