Tractors On Track

Tractors On Track

India’s domestic tractor sales have doubled in a decade. This uptick in tractor sales is because of many reasons:

• Adoption of Farm Mechanization is increasing and growing YOY
• Easy and quick financing options available to farmers for buying tractors

But, the most important point which is not mentioned here, is the modularity that comes with a tractor. With this power source, you can do everything and anything required for your farming needs, and let’s not forget that tractors are also widely used in construction.

One mobile power source can do soil preparation, crop protection, harvesting, crop residue management, haulage, and works as JCB when the loader backhoe is mounted. It gives farmers a reason to buy tractors to make more of this mobile power source.
It’s about time we find the same power source which can do everything for small and marginal farmers.

Agrictools, India’s First Farm Mechanization platform, is working towards bringing Farm Mechanization to every farm and to every farmer.

We at Agrictools are developing many new future farm-ready machines for small and marginal farmers while giving confidence to farmers to adopt new technology without worrying about what comes after owning a machine. We also provide machine know-how and knowledge to farmers through our engaging platform, enabling them to carry out better farming activities.